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    stands for "as organized as possible"--and it applies to just about everything anyone does. Staying organized is key to keeping a clear mind and maintaining a work space that is conducive to productivity--at least that's how it's always been for me.

    But not everyone is willing or able to take the time to make sure they've gathered their mise: That is, that they've got everything in place. Not to mention that sometimes, all you really need is another set of eyes. Whether you're an established restaurant or business, or just starting and overwhelmed by everything you have to do to stay on top of things, consultation is FREE, so take that first step and contact the Cynical Chef today.

    • Computer Filing, Software, and Records Management

    • Vendors, Suppliers, Distributors--all contacts and clients in one place

    • Incoming  and Outgoing Communications

    • Bookkeeping and Budgets

    • Business Libraries--Management &/or Creation & Implementation

    • General Organizing: Pretty much whatever you need.


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    sounds like when we call our dishwashers Hydro  and Chemical Metals, Porcelains, Plastics and Resins Sanitation Specialists. Because in all actuality "English Services" refers to what is otherwise commonly known as freelance writer work.

    So why not call it what it is?

    the Cynical Chef offers English Services because whatever you or your business needs, or even if you only think you need it--yes I will write it down for you but: If you've already written it, I can also make sure it sounds as good as possible; and I can make sure it's free of errors, consistently formatted, clear and concise, attractive and comprehensive as possible.

    • Training Manuals

    • SOPS and other Internal Documents

    • Content Editing (digital, promotional, factual)

    • Data Entry and/or Analysis

    • Ghostwriting

    • Product Descriptions

    • Editing/Proofreading

    • General Writing--pretty much whatever you need.

    "English Services"

    the written, edited, and proofread word
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    as "fineness or intricacy of texture or structure".


    It is also defined as a "susceptibility to illness or adverse conditions; fragility".

    When it comes to your website, you should be going for the first version. Maybe right now your website is fairly lackluster but you don't have time to figure out how to make it better; or, you know how to make it better but you still don't have the time to dedicate to the task; or, maybe you actually have plenty of time and a thorough capacity for learning, but you lack the patience to make sure your site has good flow and usability. To some degree it almost doesn't matter: Get in touch with the Cynical Chef and turn your design around with some delicious delicacies--customized to your specifications and geared toward your target audience, fine and intricately structured.

    • Initial Consultation/Review Old Site(s)

    • Identification Process

      • Priorities

      • Target Audience

      • What Works/What Doesn't Work

    • Redesign Process

      • Consult on Desired Changes

      • Define Goals

        • Business Goals​

        • Project Milestones

    • Stay Updated Throughout the Whole Process

    • Fast and Easy Customer Service

    Delicacy is defined

    deliciously designed delicacies

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